Workflow editor Strata::WF

Strata::WF Workflow Editor is the graphical editor of diagrams and flowcharts with very simple interface. It allows to describe, model and setup business processes with the aim of its optimization and documentation.

The main advantages of this editor in addition to simplicity are:

  • Easy integration with existing processes of corporate information system, for example, with documents approval process in ERP-system;
  • Work with any browser on any computer;
  • Simultaneous work of several users with the flowchart.

Additional features of workflow editor

In addition to standart features that all editors have our editor allows to add diferent properties and parameters to every oblect of the scheme. For example, it could be employee, responsible for this process, income and outcome documents, notices connected with process reglaments or rules.

If you need to sent the diagram to your colleague or client, you could just export in in VDX format (files of this format are opened by all existing editors).

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