Mobile trade Strata::MT

Trade agents work automatization

In modern world people need to develop their business or leave it. The corporate success includes not only sales increase, but also raise of productivity and effeciency. It could be achieved using information technoligies, for example, applications for mobile trading.

Our solution for mobile trading

StrataTech offers Strata::MT mobile solution, that allows to automatize trade agents work, accelerate information getting process, decrease the number of paper documents and enhance control over trade agents during tasks implementation.

Our solution for mobile trade gives the following preferences:

  • The ability to work through the computer or mobile phone;

  • Online-transfer orders from trading areas to your accounting system via Internet;

  • Quick access to information about current inventory balances, individual prices and discounts, promotion events;

  • Monitoring the current location and navigation of agent's route by GPS coordinates or by using base stations of mobile operators;

  • Integration with your main accounting system (for examle, SAP, MS Dynamics AX) without changing the configuration.

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