LANIT group of companies

Lanit concern is the russian IT-multiprofile group of companies specializing in information technology services. It was founded in 1989. Now Lanit is the largest russian system integrator and the leading partner of more than 200 international manufacturers of equipment and software solutions in the area of high technologies.

In 2012 Lanit has developed a solution to automate the delivery of public services at licensing PTR "AIS LOD". Strata Tech company has succesfully completed a lot of tasks to expand the functionality of the system, for exapmle, it has developed system of dynamic atributes of forms. Due to this solution a lot of institutions got the opportunity to optimize the following processes: obtainig, renewal and cancellation of licenses. It starts to keep the register of licenses in electronic form and it made easier the cooperation with people and companies for them.

Strata Tech company significantly helped us to develop and improve this system. High qualification, fresh ideas and great quality of work are the keys to our cooperation with Strata Tech company.

Michael Volkov, Head of the department of integrated projects, Lanit