Information about us:

The main direction of our business is web-development and complex web-applications implementation. Our applications could work either in our cloud services or on the client's servers. 

In addition, there are the following advantages of web-applications:

    • Possibility to work from any computer that has connection to the Internet;

    • No necessity to install application on user's computers - it works with any browser;

    • No dependency from operational system, possibility to place application on every convenient hosting or server;

    • Possibility to scale the application according to required capacity and proper data protection.

In our products we use only open source software. It helps our clients to reduce their expences connected with licences and IT-support.

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The latest news

  • Products Supply management Strata::Supply (23 October 2014)

    Supply management process is one of the basic processes in many companies, because it provides timely delivery of resources for business with optimal balance between price and quality...

  • Products Workflow editor Strata::WF (13 August 2013)

    Strata::WF Workflow Editor is the graphical editor of diagrams and flowcharts with very simple interface. It allows to describe, model and setup business processes with the aim of its optimization and documentation...

  • Products Mobile trade Strata::MT (31 July 2013)

    In modern world people need to develop their business or leave it. The corporate success includes not only sales increase, but also raise of productivity and effeciency...